Web Server Failure

On Thursday the 25th at approximately 20:42 a power failure with another server in the rack cause a breaker to trip, powering down my server. Initially the server seemed to come back fine, but errors were later spotted. These were due to a physical error on one of the hard drives where all of your websites are hosted, causing the disk array it is on to fail. At approximately 23:48pm the server was rebooted in an attempt to get the drives back on line, and again failed to recover fully.

My ISP were informed of the issued and worked through the night, but were unable to recover the hard drive arrangement. I started a recovery of the data from backup to a second disk array within the system with the aim of bringing up the core of the web sites in as short a time as possible - though the 146GB of data would have taken a long time to copy up!

In the meantime I also tried to recover data on the second local drive - the drive which had failed was one of a pair storing all website data in parallel, and the secondary drive was also failing to recover for unknown reasons.

At around 17:30 yesterday I managed to recover and get access tot the data on the spare hard drive which had failed, and proceeded to copy the data from that to a new pair of master disks. This was completed at 21:45 yesterday evening, and full service was restored. As far as I am aware no data was lost.

The system which went down was purely used for website hosting, and so none of your email was affected during the outage.